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        2015年9月雅思口语Part 2换题高频素材剖析_爱赢娱乐国际

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          Describe a law about the environment you would like to see in the future.

          You should say:

          What this law would be about

          How this law will take effect

          Why it is important to have this law

          And explain what changes will happen because of this law

          情况题材的topic,假如让人人用中文[zhōngwén]讲,必定毫无难度,从小到大的作文[zuòwén]都写过“呵护情况大家有责”,让人人脑洞大开的编造法令条款,更是a piece of cake. 不过内里的名词术语估量会难倒一大片孩子。,那怎么破!让我们回想之前[zhīqián]考题中的素材,搬到标题中来!之前[zhīqián]的旅游场景中,有一个a place near water,我们把海边的情况题目搞一搞对不对!于是谜底就酿成了:

          I hope someday the government could implement/enforce a law which forbids people littering at tourist sites, especially on the beach.

          The law should be like this, if someone is caught in the act of throwing away/dumping garbage at tourist sites, he or she would be seriously punished, like being put to prison for a month or fined a huge amount of money or sent away to do social service for a year. Actually I’m sure everyone knows that it’s not right to litter in public places, but right now all they get is a slap on the wrist, like a warning or something, so no one would take it seriously.

          I believe this law is necessary because littering has an outrageously negative effect on our environment. Needless to say, the beauty and attraction of the sites are seriously damaged. The piles or scattering of garbage is truly an eyesore and can ruin everyone’s mood. And also, the trash is a safety hazard for creatures living in the coastal area. For example, if tourists throw away plastic bags into the ocean, they can pose a deadly threat to those marine animals like turtles or fish that would be trapped or choked to death. I’ve heard of lots of news about tragedies like these on TV and the Internet. And the pieces from broken glass bottles can easily cut people’s feet while tourists are walking on the beach barefoot.

          If this law can really be enforced, I’m pretty positive that the environment around the tourist sites can be dramatically improved and people would definitely have a better travel experience.



          Describe a special festival in your culture/country.

          You should say

          When this festival is

          Who you celebrate it with

          What people do during this event

          And explain why this festival is special


          The special Chinese Festival I’d like to talk to you about is the Spring Festival, AKA, the Chinese New Year, and I’m sure you have heard a lot about it, ‘cause in China, it’s the most important festival throughout the whole year, and it means a lot to our people.

          It’s the first day of the year in lunar calendar, and the celebration usually lasts for 15 days. It’s my favorite period of time in a year. Everyone is ready to have fun, and the whole town is in festive mood. Children would set off firecrackers in the neighborhood, and there are firework displays almost every night. When I was little, my sister and I could eat countless palatable snacks, and the best part was, I didn’t have to worry about doing my homework, we called this the Spring Festival Privilege.

          And I’m quite sure you’ve heard other candidates talk about the Spring Festival Gala, which is a big show on TV on every Chinese New Year’s Eve. Quite a few celebrities are invited to perform in the show. There are dancers, singers, magicians, standup comedians, and stuff like that, which is really entertaining and fascinating. And of course, the family reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve, which is considered to be the heartiest dinner in the whole year for Chinese people. Everyone would come back from wherever they are to join this family get-together.

          And now, what appeals to me the most is the 2-week-long vacation, ‘cause I’m too stressed out due to my intensive study every school year. As you can imagine, every year, before the Spring Festival comes, I just can’t wait to get into the party spirit and relax.

          固然,这内里固然人人跟考官煽煽情,好比一年才气见到亲人[qīnrén]一次啦,春节是我们五千年的传承啊,Blah blah blah…


          Describe a time you watched the sky

          You should say:

          When this happened

          Who you were with

          What you saw

          And how you felt about watching the sky.

          人人都惊呼:这道奇葩的“望天儿”话题,居然上位成了Part 2的标题!好吧,人人想想。之前[zhīqián]准过的素材顺带着仰面看会儿天吧…想到了没?固然是旅游话题了呀!谁会在百忙之中不干活仰面卖呆儿对不对!于是,让我们躺在沙岸上,呆着墨镜,吹着海风,听着波浪,思索人生[rénshēng]吧…… (想到了啥,请人人施展吧!)


          Describe a useful thing that you once borrowed

          You should say:

          What you borrowed

          Who lent this thing to you

          What kinds of features this thing has

          And explain why you think it is useful.

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